From: California Exotic Novelties

Price: $126

Jack Rabbit Thrusting Rabbit
Press play to see the Jack Rabbit Signature Thruster in action!

I’ve been really excited to try the  Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator I’ve never tried a thrusting vibrator before and honestly, I’m really lazy so it seems like a pretty great toy. 

  • Main features:
  • Rabbit style vibrator with 3 speeds
  • Thrusting action with 3 speeds
  • 7 different functions
  • Reachable
  • Waterproof
  • Silicone

First Impressions:

I really like the packaging of this toy. It is classy and well designed. The front has a life-size picture of the toy. The back has all the info about function and features. Only thing I think is weird, is the side of the box has a note from the founder and CEO of the manufacturer, CalExtics, with her picture. It just feels too much like a book jacket of a bad romance novel. Once you remove the box sleeve there are double doors and the Jack Rabbit Signature logo in gold foil. The toy seems to be nice quality and made of silicone with a little rose gold detail around the buttons. It might be a little bit on the girthy side, but overall seems to be a good sized toy.

The Functions:

The Thrusting Rabbit has 3 buttons. A power button, one to control the thrusting action and one to control the rabbit vibrations. To turn it on all you do is tap and hold the Power button then tap and hold the Thrusting or Vibration button. To increase speeds just tap that button again. The thrusting action has 3 total speeds. And the rabbit vibration has 3 speeds than 4 other rhythm functions. To turn it off all you do is tap the Power button. It is all silicone besides the rose gold detail on the handle and the buttons which are plastic. So it is easy to clean with just soap and water and is totally body safe. It is rechargeable with a USB cord. So don’t lose the charger or you are SOL. It also is waterproof, if you are a shower girl.

Jack Rabbit Thruster

The Test:

My initial thought of the toy being too girthy was incorrect, it ended up being a pretty good fit. The thrusting action is a little mechanical. It thrust the last 2 or so inches forward and back. It makes a kind of jack hammer noise when it moves, which is my biggest complaint. The rabbit vibration is pretty strong and hits in a good place when the toy is inserted. The buttons were easy and convenient to switch around while I was playing. Honestly, I just kind of needed to insert it and that was it. The toy did the rest of the work. Which makes it great for my laziness.


I’m pretty into this toy. The thrusting action feels pretty amazing,  so I can get over the noise. I tend to listen to background music anyway. The quality is great and it got the job done. I could kind of let it just sit inside of me and not do anything and enjoy. It kept my hands free to explore other parts of me. I think this toy is going to find its way into my regular toy chest.

  • Overall rating: 4
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Vibration: 4 Stars
  • Noise: 3 stars

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