Spring Boyfriend, Is That You?

Here’s the Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Spring/Summer Boy Toy

I’ve been waiting a long time to give this * unwanted * opinion. So, whether you’d like to hear it or not- here it goes. There’s this custom or ancient trend of breaking up with your significant other during the warm weather seasons floating around. There’s no exact name to this wildly popular trend. But, it comes from the belief that you should never be tied down, in a relationship during warm weather. Instead, you should be out enjoying it with your friends. Relationships are apparently only meaningful in cold weather. 

 Are you familiar with this concept? I’m sure all of you have heard this nonsense before. Possibly, you’ve fell for the hype and broken up with a boyfriend in the summertime before, for these reasons (don’t be shy to admit it girl, I have too.) But after I quickly concluded that this logic makes absolutely no sense at all. Well, I take that back.This concept isn’t completely wrong, it just needs to be adjusted. I know how to fix it. 

First and foremost, if a guy adores you, along with all your issues – do not turn that down because the sun is out. Welcome his unconditional love and attention with open arms (and legs) all season. Ladies when we follow this dump your boyfriend in the summer trend, we are actually missing out on an eventful summer. Don’t take this wrong, I love hanging out with my friends in the spring and summer seasons. But, I also don’t mind enjoying the good weather with a cute boy too (and not having to pay for everything.) Ladies, here’s what the trend should be instead. When the weather starts to break, and temperatures rise you should let go of any guy that will hinder you from enjoying your summer. However, you shouldlook into having a spring or summer bae to make this season livelier. This checklist will assist with helping you find the perfect candidate to be your warm weather boy toy. 

He Needs to be Self- Confident  

You know the saying “sun’s out bun’s out,” and you’ll need a guy that understands this. He has to be secure within himself to know that his girl is not going anywhere. She just wants to look hot. Because, the most important rule of summer is: shorts are meant to be short. You don’t want, nor need a man complaining about the length of your shorts all summer. A little butt cheek never hurt anyone. Show of that summer body girl you’ve worked hard for it all winter. Find you a man that appreciates that. 

He Should Have a Nice Body and Good Physical Strength

Yes, be a little vain on your checklist. You deserve to stand next to a nice body in all this warm weather. Plenty of pictures will be taken. You may also need a strong pair of shoulders to sit on during concerts and fairs. Or someone able to carry you out of a festival when the edible hits too hard (wink, wink.) Just make sure your body is in good shape too. Or this box on the checklist will seem obnoxiously vain. I have a tip on how to meet this nice-body guy. Take a stroll to a local park and watch the fellas play basketball during evening hours. I’m sure you’ll find a candidate there. 

He Needs to Have a Relaxed Job Schedule 

All of the vacation requests must be approved. Although a busy working man is appreciated; this will become an annoyance during this season. There will be long nights of fun planned and if he always has to leave early or cancel that could become a problem. So, find you a guy that is available and has more than enough time to spend with you. 

No Children

This list is catered to the spring and summer seasons. We all know the one bad thing about those seasons – kids are out of school. Just kidding, I love kids (but secretly avoid anywhere they flock to in the summer.) If this guy doesn’t have kids that’s perfect because he’ll have time to spend with you. However, if he does have kids, these kids will need more attention during the spring and summer break. You may have to scoot over and sit next to the car seat and cooler filled with Capri Suns during the road trips. It’s all up to you, but no kids is on my checklist.  

A Close Relationship with Family 

This is important no matter what season it is. A close and respectful relationship with his family means he has values and more than likely a good upbringing. In addition to that, it also means plenty of fun family gatherings in the spring and summertime. Hopefully, you get along with the family. Because there’s nothing more special than catching some cuddles at a family cookout and sharing a slice of his grandma’s famous pie. 

He Must Be Adventurous 

To make the most out of your spring and summer weather, adventures are in order. Sky diving, boat rides, helicopter rides, swimming with dolphins … etc, the list can go on and on. You will need a partner that is down for the ride though. You want a guy that never backs down from a challenge. Make sure he is just as willing to make these adventurous spring and summer plans with you.  

He Should Be Decisive and Able to Make Most of the Decisions  

Ladies let’s be honest with ourselves. We are very indecisive human beings. Having a man around that is not timid to make decisions for you is a huge plus during this season. For example, when you’re torn between a vanilla milkshake or a strawberry cheesecake sundae. He needs to take control and pick the best flavor for you. That’s also kind of sexy, right? But, seriously there will be plenty of decisions you two will need to make while having an awesome spring and summer. Make sure he has the guts to handle the decisions when you can’t.   

Get ready, spring is here. Boring winter days are over, your love life and fun days are about to take off! 

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