6 Ways a Single Girl Can Enter 2019 Sexually Satisfied

6 Ways a Single Girl Can Enter 2019 Sexually Satisfied

A guide to getting 2019 started off with a bang!


It’s a new year and you’re still single. But, don’t worry this new year will be much better than the last. The year 2019 is destined to be full of good days and great orgasms, only if you satisfy yourself. Literally speakingit is time to handle your sexual needs with your own two hands. In case you haven’t heard the news yet -you don’t need another person to become sexually satisfied. In fact, it’s been said that the greatest sexual satisfaction that a woman can reach happens when she is in touch with herself. Which is also known as -good ole masturbation. Allow me to elaborate on ways you can make 2019 your best sex year, yet.


Masturbation is often biased as a sign of desperation or raunchiness. However, it’s 2019, forget about all of the nonsense you’ve heard from grandma and the gossip in hair salons. Masturbation is actually a form of self-care. And, when single- masturbation is necessary. The level of frustration amongst woman dealing with dating, and simply being an adult is at an all-time high in this decade. Masturbation is a single woman’s stress reliever and cure for those dreaded sleepless nights.


This year let’s open the discussion about masturbation and how to take your current masturbation to the next level. This is a guide to help all of my single ladies reach the highest level of sexual satisfaction anytime it’s needed. I promise, your single and alone time will finally be appreciated. Grab whatever * tools * you may need and let’s get started.


Make sure you are in a relaxed setting when masturbating.


Depending on your living situation, finding a quiet and comfortable place to masturbate may not always be attainable. However, a relaxed and private setting is truly important with masturbation. There should always be a bed or a couch for you to lay down on comfortably. Also, the lighting should be dim and I even recommend lighting candles. Candles that contain essential oils will help your body relax even more. You never want to feel uncomfortable or anxious in a setting when masturbating. This type of environment will cause you to rush the process. Even though rushing will still result to an orgasm, it might hurt and leave you feeling gross too. If the process is rushed you will miss out on the deep-bodily sensations that alleviate your stress. Do what is necessary to have the perfect relaxed setting before you begin masturbating.

Lay in beneficial positions and experiment with your positions.


There are some pretty wild positions obtainable for you to masturbate in. Remember this is your show. There isn’t a right or wrong position to be in, if it makes you sexually satisfied. Every woman has her own favorite position. However, since this is a solo act, the most beneficial position to make sure you can reach and satisfy your vagina is: lying on your back with your legs in a butterfly position. This is the most common position, too.


While in this position I suggest spreading your legs wide and raising your legs in the air (the higher the better). This position exposes more of the vagina and allows you to stimulate deeper. Once you get the hang of masturbation, or simply bored with one position try another one. Do not limit yourself when masturbating. This is your year to become sexually satisfied.


Always use more than one finger.


You do want a satisfying experience, right? Well, don’t be modest. You should always be using two or more fingers. No more one finger teasing. Two fingers are more satisfying while masturbating because it will place more pressure on the clitoris. Using two fingers will also allow you to create a better motion when stimulating.

Move your body to the rhythm of masturbation.



When you’re having sex with a partner, I’m sure you move your body to sync with theirs. Masturbation should have the same rhythm as sex. Here’s how it should flow: the mood is romantically set, eyes are closed and you’re lost in a sweet, sweet, fantasy. Become completely involved in this fantasy and move your body as if you are really there. After you reach the peak of your orgasm, you will then realize why the movement was necessary; trust me.

Stimulate more areas than just your vagina.


There’s a big misconception that masturbation is only when a woman touches her vagina. Wrong! Ladies we have a full voluptuous body as our playground and every part should be explored. Before you begin stimulating your vagina I suggest caressing other parts of your body first. Think of this as a form of foreplay. Get to know your body and what areas are sexually arousing for you. Also, when you do reach your vagina, you can still use the other hand to stimulate another area at the same time. Sometimes only stimulating the nipples will lead to an orgasm as well.

Use lubricant and toys.


This may be a no-brainer to some women. However, you’d be surprised at how many women are intimidated by sex toys and lubricants. Don’t be afraid these items were created to enhance the experience. Every girl (especially a single girl) should own a small bullet vibrator. Keep this bullet vibrator accessible for any night. Lubricants vary between hot and cold sensations. Experiment with a few lubricants and boost your sexual experiences while masturbating to the max.


Even if being single in 2019 was not in your plan, being single is still a great position to be in. This year you will have time to love on yourself. Masturbating does more than just give you amazing orgasms. Masturbating allows a woman to find out exactly what it takes to sexually satisfy herself. No two women are the same, and sometimes what’s seen on movies and heard in music is not what your body wants. The more you masturbate, you will discover what places on your body feel best and what motions you could live without.


When your single days are over (because this will not last forever) you’ll know exactly how to tell your partner how to please you sexually. You will also become more comfortable with yourself and able to please your partner in ways you’d never dare to do before. The new 2019 motto is self-love, self-evolving and total sexual satisfaction all year.

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