4 Ways to Prepare for Sex after a Dry Spell

Sometimes good sex finds us when we least expect it. Maybe you’ve been celibate for quite some time now, but a good sex opportunity has finally presented itself. Shaving that wild bush between your legs is the least of your problems. You are currently “shook,” nervous, and driving yourself crazy with self-doubt. Take a deep breath and relax. All you need to do is work on getting your mind, body, and soul back into the love-making swing of things. After reading this you are guaranteed to make his bed rock just fine. If you don’t what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll just be back to where you started. A dry spell isn’t that bad. Your bulletwill be waiting right where you left it to distract you from the tears.  

Also, please know that this is normal. Mostly all women go through dry spells during their single years. Emphasis on most. I do have a few friends that haven’t kept their legs closed for longer than 24 hours since high school. Seriously, I’m not kidding. I’m not sure if I consider them nymphos or lucky yet … I just mind my own business. Because honestly, I might be jealous. I’ve been trying to find consistent and reliable penis for what seems like a lifetime now. I just can’t seem to accomplish it; my sexual partners rarely have longevity. So, with that being said I’ve had several sex hiatuses. Some were by choice and some were predestined. Here’s how I prepared to have sex again after a celibacy stretch. 

Bring out the Toys! 

This is probably obvious to most of you, but some women may not be experienced with the marvelous wonders of battery-operated orgasms yet. If you are not using a toy during your sex strike you must get one now (preferably the Broad City Vulvarine Rabbit.) But, if you don’t have enough time to purchase a toy before the big night, take those two fingers and head south. Fingers will get the job done too. Start to explore every inch of your body. Close your eyes and use your imagination too while you’re exploring the sweet spots. Picture you with this man that you are expecting to have sex with soon. Use this vision as a practice run with him. Let’s just hope he lives up to your expectations. It’s pretty hard to outdo a Broad City Vulvarine Rabbit– just saying. 

Pre- Stretching and Exercise is Key to Having a Good Time

You don’t have to start a booty boot camp or run five miles a day to warm up for sex. But, if you are not actively exercising you should definitely consider doing a stretch routine before your night of sex. Nobody wants to have sex with a stiff body. Also, think about the painful aftermath coming the day after you’ve had your legs bent above your head. Wait, screw the pain I have an even better reason. Imagine the embarrassment when your legs are too stiff to even go that high. There will definitely be an awkward silence amongst you two before switching to another position. You want this man to end your dry spell, right? Don’t mess this up, have your body prepared for every position. 

See Where His Head is About Sex, and If He Even Gives Head … 

I’m assuming that this man taking you away from celibacy status is not a stranger. You’ve probably been dating and getting acquainted with him for a while now. But, you can’t hold out any longer- sex is up next.  Good for you. I’m proud of you for getting to know this man before you decide to hop in bed with him. However, how much do you know about his sex life? 

I’m not strictly referring to the number of women he’s slept with. You need to find out his sexual personality. Is he super freaky, like perform a striptease then suck whipped cream off of your toes, freaky? Is he raunchy and likely to smack your ass every five seconds and pull out a hair extension before the night is over? Or is he boring? Does he just expect you to do all of the work while he lays back and records? (Side note: recording your first time back in the bed is probably a bad idea. Wait until you feel comfortable again- if recording is your thing) But my point is, there should be some sex communication happening before you have sex with him. The last thing you want is to have waited all this time to then have unsatisfying sex. You will end up full of regret and possibly never come out of celibacy again. 

Here’s how you communicate your sexual needs:

  • Ask questions!Tread lightly asking about his past sexual encounters. Too much prying can be a turnoff. Plus, you don’t want to focus on other women – it’s all about you. Ask him about his sexual fantasies and see if there’s anything he’s been waiting to do. Everyone has a sexual fantasy so don’t take no for an answer. His fantasies will give you plenty of insight into what he likes in bed.
  • Music choice.Ask about the music he plays when having sex. The genre or artist that he prefers to play during sex will say a lot about the pace he likes to go during intercourse. Which will give more detail about his sex personality. 
  • Say what you hate.Lastly, share some insight about what you hate during sex. Let him know these cringe-worthy behaviors beforehand to spare yourself the disappointment. His reaction will let you know if he agrees or disagrees. See if you two have matching sex personalities. 

Do Whatever You Need to Do to Feel Confident 

Do what you have to do to get your sexy back. You must feel confident and not nervous. Confidence is very important in this situation. I suggest shopping. Treat yourself to new underwear or lingerie. A good manicure/pedicure session is always a great idea as well. Even though your sexy comes from within, a little outside maintenance is always a great boost. 

Own the night. It’s been a while, but this celibacy has ground to make you better in bed if you let it. Don’t let your nerves get in the way. Follow these guidelines and get prepared to rock his world. 

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