Nipple Play, Is It Worth​ It?

Are you a fan of nipple play? Or would you rather him skip it and head straight down south? Nipples are often forgotten about during sex. I’m not sure why, because just like your vagina, your nipples are an erogenous zone too. Which means the same sensations from nerves in your vagina, that send signals to your brain for an orgasm are located in your nipples too. Therefore, yes nipple play is worth every second. If you do choose to skip nipple play during sex, remember you are the one limiting your orgasms – not him

Personally, when it comes to nipple arousal during foreplay, I’m conflicted at time. I’m well aware of all the glory a nipple orgasm has to offer. But, I’m also aware that about 99.9% of men have no idea how to make that happen. I’m exaggerating (of course) because I’m extremely frustrated with this issue. The only time that I’ve had my nipples pleased properly to cause orgasms is when I did it myself. Sad, right?Why is no one teaching these men about meaningful nipple play? I don’t want a quick suck or a pinch on my nipple. I want my nipples treated just like my vagina. So, because I’ve become tired of directing the traffic of fingers and lips on my body. I tend to skip nipple play and just get my orgasm the best way he knows how (shrugs). 

But, I’ll admit that mind frame is not fair- my nipples need love too. By compiling this list of nipple-play guidelines I have hope that I will soon end this nipple play plague of ignorance. These guidelines are for the women that need a push and a few pointers on how to correctly reach a nipple orgasm by themselves, and with their partners.

Give Your Nipples a Massage 

A good nipple massage is never a bad idea (even if you’re not amidst having sex). Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal routine or rhythm to a nipple massage that guarantees an orgasm for every woman. However, there are key elements that must be included in a nipple massage to reach one. Here they are:

  • Oils and lubricants are necessary for a good nipple massage. A dry rub will not do your nipples any justice. Better yet, use an arousal cream. You are certain to spark an orgasm with Nympho’s Desire Arousal Balm. This balm absorbs faster than lubricants and increases the sensations on all erogenous areas. It comes in a variety of flavors as well. Take your pick here.  
  • Massage the entire breast. You never know what area will please you the most. Start from the beginning of your chest area and work your way around with circular motions to the tip of the nipple. 
  • Free your mind and let your body impulses take over. This is very key to a successful nipple massage. Too often most of us are worried about what we look like during sex. Don’t worry about how you look. Close your eyes and just follow the direction of your body. Your body will begin to yearn a touch in certain areas. Follow those desires with your hand or direct his hand there. Listen to your body, not your mind.

Try Using Nipple Clamps

Do not be afraid of nipple clamps. I know the name is quite intimidating. Pain is probably your first thought when you hear a mere mention of them. But, have you seen how cute they are? Nipple clamps are not solely used for torture. Yes, they will provide a tight sensation, similar to the feeling of a pinch. However, most nipple clamps can be adjusted to your pressure preference as well. You don’t have to feel any pain. The constant pressure of the nipple clamps along with intercourse may lead you to a place of pleasure. Stop thinking badly of them and just try one. 

Warm Your Nipples Up

Hot breath on my nipples always provides me with a satisfying sensation in my nipples. Even the heat from intercourse will cause enticing tingles to form. One day (well I should say night) I decided to be adventurous in the bedroom and crank up the heat. I requestedhot candle waxon my nipples. I loved it! I loved everything about the process. Especially the anticipation waiting for the wax to drop. And then the sudden burst of high heat when the hot wax reached my nipples sent me wild. I loved the hardening process as well, which sometimes felt like a pinch. That was a great bedroom experiment that left me thoroughly fulfilled. 

On the contrary, maybe you are not fond of warm nipples. Then, try cooling your nipples down. Nipples are very sensitive to sudden changes of temperature. So, either way a change of temperature is necessary for an orgasm. Try both temperatures and see which one suits you best. 

Don’t Forget About the Areola

We’ve already established that nipples are commonly forgotten about. The areola has an even less of a chance getting personal attention. Teasing the areola is needed for nipple play. Orgasms are a climax. Therefore, you should assist the build-up of the climax and tease the areola. This can be done by tracing the outside of the areola with your finger. If you have a light feather-like object, use that as well for an even more intense feeling. 

Be sensitive 

I know I’ve been discussing pinching, hot wax and nipple clamps, which are all actions far from sensitive. However, sensitivity is needed in nipple arousal as well. Light touches and soft caresses are especially important for the beginning of nipple play (remember it’s a process to climax). If you’re pleasuring yourself, don’t dive right in. Set the mood with dim lights and maybe even candles before you begin. If you’re with a partner, make sure you slow him down. The first kiss should not be on the nipple he should work his way down to your pair of paradise islands.  

To sum up all of these guidelines. When it comes to nipple play remember these two things: take your time and listen to your body. You’ll feel the rush coming and trust meyou’ll never be the same again!

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