Never Trust Small Dick Energy

I’ve never been a fan of ‘big’ things. Big items normally intimidate me. Such as big events, big macs from McDonalds, big hair, etc … I try my hardest to stay away from anything exceeding its average size. But, big dicks do no scare me at all- I LOVE THEM. Big dicks assure me that I’m bound to have a good night. Because, even if the man in control of the big dick doesn’t know how to work it, I know how to work them, and an orgasm is guaranteed.   

Well, for a moment in time I thought I’d be happy by appreciating other qualities in a man, and not just the size of their penis. I was previously in a relationship with a small dick individual. Why? Because I had read too many self-help books and been through too many bad break-ups. I didn’t have the energy to be picky about anybody who wasn’t treating me right. While we dated and began to get more acquainted with one another, I wasn’t checking for his dick print, I was actually listening to him. He was sweet, and his courting (without sex) was unmatched. He won me over with my birthday trip he planned. He booked a luxury resort in Cabo, Mexico for the weekend. He had also spent a ton of money on me that weekend. This trip was expensive and very detailed with everything that I like. I was greeted at the resort with my favorite drink (tequila and a splash of Sprite.) and Chanel swimsuit that I had on vision board. He was listening, and he wanted this trip to be the best trip ever for me. And, it was… until it was time for our first heated night and his small dick was revealed. There was no way I could turn him down due to the size of his dick at that moment. I took a few more shots of tequila and gave his small dick a try.  

To be honest, while having sex I didn’t notice the lack of length and width while he was inside. He made up for that little penis with foreplay. I climaxed just fine. The sex remained good after Cabo, too. We found a rhythm to make sure I got what I needed every time. But, still, a small dick can never be trusted. 

Small dick men may have the abilities to still provide decent sex, but, the small dick energy that will also come from small dick men is nothing any woman should have to deal with. Have you heard the phrase small dick energy before? You might’ve thought it was just another social media fad, nah, small dick energy is real and very relevant in the dating society. 

I define small dick energy as the arrogant, and immodest behavior a man portrays without physical components to back it up. If you’ve ever come across a male that was the loudest in the room, flaunting cash or saying sexist slurs and dressed like he missed his calling for Jersey Shore- stay back. Those are solid clues for a man with small dick energy. 

“Big dick men are normally chill, laid back and a man of few words. Big dicks are in the back of the bar because their dicks are too big to be in crowded areas.”

Side note: My older sister once told me, “Big dick men are normally chill, laid back and a man of few words.” She said, “Big dicks are in the back of the bar because their dicks are too big to be in crowded areas.” Luckily, my sister is now happily married and no longer hanging out in bars. Males that hang out in the back of the bars are now safe from harassment. 

Anywho, back to my small dick trauma. Once we returned from Cabo, Mexico, I was all in for being his girl. Nobody, not even my therapist had paid that much attention to me in a while. So, I quickly went into privacy mode with this relationship and intentionally left out the small dick detail when my friends inquired about our first-time having sex. I know my friends, and I didn’t want to hear any negative comments about my new relationship. Looking back, I was so naïve. From now on I’ll always keep it real with my girls because they know me best. 

But even with my effort to keep all bad vibes away from our relationship, that small dick energy still crept in. After a short two months, the real him started to show. I still received gifts, and we went on lavish dates. But, all of that started to come with a price. This man wanted his ego stroked all day long. Literally from sun up, to sun down. He would wake up and say things like, “You didn’t tell me how much you appreciated those flowers from me yesterday.” I told him thank you and gave him a kiss when I received them yesterday, but that wasn’t enough. One time he left a comment under one of my Instagram pictures stating, “Why didn’t you tag me? I’m the one who bought your shirt.”

This small dick man wanted a round of applause for making my bed or holding my hand as we walked down the street. I think, no I’m certain, he honestly thought these gestures overcompensated for his small dick and the burden of me having to masturbate at least an hour before we have sex. I was 32 years old having sex with a buff and burly man that appeared to be all put together. But, in reality, nothing has grown on him since puberty hit. Not his dick nor his maturity.  

He let his small dick energy ruin the best opportunity he’ll ever have in his lifetime (yes, I’m talking about access to my pussy) After an argument, he threatened to take another girl to Mastros Steakhouse, which was my favorite restaurant for him to take me to for date night. That was enough for me. I made him reservations for two, packed his belongings up, and even sent him on his way with flowers to give his date. Good riddance little dick. 

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T. Rogers

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