March Horoscopes

The holiday season is officially over and now it is time to look forward to warmer and greener days of March. Here is your 2019 March horoscopes provided by our resident astrologer and over all advice giver, Luna Waterstone.


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

There’s going to be some major changes for you this month, Aqua girl. So get this: Uranus is moving. Really, though. This planet only moves every 7 years, and it’s a big deal when it does. On March 6th, Uranus moves into your home and family sector. So for the next 7 years, you can expect some big changes in your living situation, family situation, etc. Planning on moving? Getting a roommate? A dog? Or did you watch that Marie Kondo documentary and decide to revamp your closet? Either way, you’re going to see some big changes in the years to come. As an Aqua girl, you love change. So bring it on! Aside from this big change on the 7th, things will be pretty quiet for you this month. With Mercury in Retrograde pretty much the entire month, that’s not a bad thing. Communications could go haywire, whether through e-mail, text, or in-person. So make sure you’re texting the right person before you hit ‘send!’ 


Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Hey, Pisces! It’s ya birthday! Happy Pisces Season, fish girl. March 6th brings a New Moon in your sign, and it’s going to be lit. You might discover something new about yourself or someone you’ve been interested in pursuing. It’s a moment of clarity, but not a moment for action. Sometimes it’s best to keep some little secrets to yourself. This way, you have more time to see all points of view surrounding the situation. And it gives you time to decide what to do about it. Being decisive isn’t one of your strong suits, so the longer you give yourself to “think on it,” the better. On the other hand, it is your birthday. If that’s not a good time to go for what you want (and handle the consequences later) then I don’t know what is! But—beware of the Mercury Retrograde this month. Make sure your texts and snapchats are all going to the right people before you hit ‘send.’ We definitely don’t want any trouble!


Aries (March 21 – April )

Can you feel it, Aries girl? You’re birthday month is almost here, so you’re starting to rev up your party engines. Ease up, though, will you? You don’t want to be hungover already on the big day. Take some time to rest up this month, practice some self-care. With Mercury in Retrograde pretty much all month, it’s not a bad time to rest. You get super frustrated when there’s a misunderstanding. Particularly when someone doesn’t understand you. You simply have no patience for it. You’re a busy girl, after all. Who has the time to explain shit to everyone? On March 6th, a New Moon brings some old memories to light. Maybe you’re thinking of an old lover, or about your childhood. You might have a new realization that encourages you to take a different path, or make a certain choice. Hold onto it for now, Aries. Sleep on it. Try not to make any big changes until birthday season—when you’ve really got your shit together. No one wants to say no to the birthday girl, right?


Taurus (April 21-May 21)

It’s a busy work month for you, Taurus. But isn’t it always? With Venus, your ruling sign, in your career sector, it’s going to be especially busy. Mercury is going to be in retrograde from March 5-March 29, so basically the whole month. So be careful when you communicate with friends, lovers, and coworkers. It’s easy to get things twisted this month. The retrograde also promises to bring some long-lost people back into your life. Maybe some random people from high school reach out on Facebook or LinkedIn. Whether you decide to accept the requests or deny them? Well, that’s none of our business. 


Gemini (May 22-June 21)

Red alert, Gem—we have an incoming Mercury retrograde this month. These hit us all pretty hard: miscommunication, arguments, accidental drunk DMs. But with Mercury being your ruling planet, these things seem to happen more to you than anyone else. So from March 5-March 29—be careful! Yeah, that’s pretty much all month. But, there’s good news! With Mercury in retrograde in Pisces, this means you might be catching up on old communications that you had otherwise forgotten about. Maybe someone you swiped right on months ago has finally logged into the app, and swipes right back at ya! Or it could be work related. Maybe a job you applied for a few months ago and thought you didn’t get—is just now getting around to the applications. Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time for a job interview, but hey—better than never!


Cancer (June 22-July 23)

They say February is the month of romance. But this year, March is going to be when all your steamy, lovey-dovey stuff happens this year. Venus, the planet of love, is in your relationship and intimacy sector the entire month. You’ll feel like connecting with loved ones even more than usual, and they’re going to reciprocate. As a Cancer, you normally put a lot of emphasis on your friendships and relationships. Sometimes you have to hold yourself back in order to give people space. This March, you’ll feel a little less restrained. All of your love is going to be soaked right up—and appreciated. So dish out what you’ve got! However, keep in mind that the ever-so-tricky Mercury Retrograde is going to be in full swing for pretty much the entire month. That means forgotten texts, miscommunications, etc. So make sure you choose your words carefully when you’re expressing yourself to the people you love—and make sure they are picking up what you’re laying down. Drama is not on the menu this month, so let’s keep it that way.


Leo (July 24-August 23)

Pisces season is an interesting one for you, Leo girl. Most of the time, people see you as the attention-seeking, always-has-something-to-say friend. And that’s true, really. But there’s also a deeply loyal side to you, a sensitive side. You only talk so much in order to connect with those around you. Even if you do forget to let them talk. Pisces season brings out this sensitive side of you—and people take notice. You’re softer, more gentle, and you’re a better listener. Be careful with that this month, though—as Mercury is in retrograde for most of the month. Try not to misinterpret what someone else is saying. After all, you might be a little out of practice when it comes to listening carefully. 


Virgo (August 24-September 23)

They say February is the month of love, but . . . they’re wrong. At least this for you, Virgo. Pisces season is always about relationships and love for you, since it’s your opposite sign. You tend to think about the oppositeof you, which is, of course, other people. But you have your system, as a Virgo, and you need to get everything in place first. Everything has to be perfect, right? So yes, you’re thinking of others—but you’re not quite ready to act on it yet. This month is about planning and getting your affairs in order before you can take some time away from focusing on #1. Maybe you’re cleaning the house to prepare for throwing a big party, or maybe you’re working on getting into shape before you’re ready to take a big Spring Break trip. It’s not a bad month to pull away, actually. With Mercury in Retrograde all month long, things are a mess out there. You don’t like messes. So why bother? Get your ducks in a row, and get ready for a wild month in April. Or at least as “wild” as a Virgo can manage;)


Libra (September 24 – October 23)

You’re feeling split this month, Libra. Oh, right—that’s normal for you, isn’t it? Venus, your ruling planet, is in Aquarius most of the month. You’re feeling social, and you’re wanting to step away from your routine in order to pursue a deeper level of happiness. Will you find it? On the other hand, you’re busy at work. Things that usually you can just breeze through have become more complicated. More is required of you in many areas of your life. “Ugh, I actually have to try?” Yes, Libra girl. I know you’re usually just coasting through on talent and charm, but sometimes you have to work for it. This is going to be one of those months. You can do it! 


Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

All right, Scorp—it’s going to be a big one. Pisces season, for you, is all about finding out what makes you happy. You’re taking inventory of the things (and people) in your life and trying to decide what stays and what goes. Spring cleaning: friendship edition! In all seriousness, though, you will be doing a lot of organization this month. On March 6, when Mercury retrograde begins, there is also a Pisces new moon. This is when you’ll really start feeling it. Is there anyone weighing you down? Holding you back? And is it someone else, or is it…you? This may sound exhausting, but hold out for the end of the month, when you’re going to be feeling a lot lighter from all this purging. You’re going to want to throw a raging party or do something extravagant to celebrate your newfound peace of mind. Enjoy!


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

You aren’t typically a “Netflix and chill” kind of girl, Sag. Mostly because “chill” isn’t in your vocab. You love the spotlight, being out and about, and having a full social calendar. March might be a little different for you. But you know what? Every wild woman needs a nap every now and then. You’re going to be feeling a little more sentimental about things related to home or family. Maybe you’re wanting to spend some time making new art for your walls, or learning to cook something new. You’re friends are going to think you’re sick or something, but fear not! You’re just taking a break. With Mercury in retrograde pretty much all month, there’s no better time to take a social hiatus.


Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

It’s March, Capricorn girl—time to get that bread. Seriously, though, this is going to be a serious money month for you. Maybe your friend finally decided to Venmo you back for that bar tab you covered, like, months ago. Or maybe a business venture is finally starting to pay off. Better yet—your tax refund was off the chain! You’re going to be so focused on money matters and work that you might forget to give people in your life some much-needed attention. Again. This isn’t new for you, but watch out for it to be especially problematic this March, Cap. With Mercury in Retrograde, it’s easy for things you say to be taken out of context or misunderstood. You don’t say much, so make sure what you do say comes out exactly how you mean it. You don’t want any drama outshining your new wad of cash!

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