The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts to Foreplay

No excuses; during sex foreplay should never be left out. If there’s no lickin’ there’s no stickin’, got it? Foreplay is just as important as intercourse -if not more important. Because, foreplay sets the tone for what’s to come. Foreplay should be fun and an opportunity to truly explore and appreciate your partner’s body. Recently during an intense girl chat, I noticed that several of my friends don’t participate in foreplay. I was appalled to some extent andsaddened about their sex life. 

As the conversation continued I realized they didn’t participate, because they didn’t know how. Therefore, I came to the rescue and composed a list of the ultimate do’s and don’ts of foreplay to save my girls. Keep in mind this is just my opinion from experience. But, my bestie Stacy followed the list and swears by it. Her sex life enhanced immediately. So, check it out and thank me later. 

Don’t Be Selfish, Always Return the Favor

In most cases men will take the lead with foreplay. If they don’t… run. Your partner should know that it takes women longer to climax. Therefore, foreplay is necessary to jump-start our engine. Also, for pleasure our vaginas should always be saturated in some form before inserting anything. Unless he brought along our favorite wet desserts lubricant, we need arousal to make this ride slippery and fun. After he begins foreplay, you should always jump in and return the favor. This is the only time I’ll condone ladies being last. When it’s your turn send him to the peak of anticipation. Let him know what he’s up against.

Don’t Only Use Your Mouth

Use more than your mouth during foreplay. Those fingers can do work too. Stimulate two areas at once for a really good arousal. Have you ever performed a blow job using your mouth and a Vulcan Funzone Wet Vagina at the same time? Try it and make way for an explosion.  

Don’t Rush 

This rule is simple. Never rush foreplay. I don’t care if you’re expecting a hot NY Pizza Suprema- let the pizza man wait. Ladies, wearing lingerie is even more of a reason to not rush foreplay. I know it took precious time and money to get into that sexy, satin bustier. Enjoy it for a little while longer before he rips it off. 

Do Talk Dirty

Talk dirty during foreplay. For a while I wasn’t sure about this, so I stayed silent during sex with maybe a few casual spurts of “yes” and “right there.” However, one reallydrunk night before sex, I started talking dirty and it led to one hell of a sexual experience. I continued the dirty talk and noticed how easily it turned my partner on. Men actually love it when we talk dirty. Next time during foreplay talk dirty and tell him it’s onlyhis – even if it’s not. 

Do a Little Show

Take a few extra minutes during foreplay and show off your body. Men can be so anxious to get in between our legs, that sometimes foreplay can become rushed. Make sure when it’s your turn, you take the time to give him a little show. Let him get a nice glimpse of your boobs sitting wonderfully in your Open Cage Bra and Panty set. This teasing will really turn him on. Bonus tip: Don’t let him do all the undressing. Undress yourself and undress him too.

Do Wear Lipstick

Don’t be polite with the lipstick. Some women wipe it off before hand to eliminate it staining bed sheets. But, I’ve learned that men like the sex appeal of lipstick. They also like the trail of lipstick left behind on their bodies and bed after an eventful night full of lust. Foreplay is where you can do all the lipstick work. Leave your lip print everywhere. 

Don’t Skip His Thighs

Blow jobs are basically our prime time to shine during foreplay. Instead of going straight into it, add foreplay on top of that foreplay. Sweetly kiss on his thighs. Start with the thighs and kiss your way down to the end of the rainbow. He’ll love this extra effort. 

Don’t Hide Your Heavy Breathing 

Heavy breathing paired along with the dirty talking is exactly what foreplay is about. Just make sure your breath has a pleasant scent and not going to make him run. 

Do Play with Temperatures

There are many elements to foreplay that can make the experience better. Temperature is an important one. Adding your own heat or cooling to foreplay is a definite score to enhancing the experience. Adding ice in your mouth before a blow job or even before your start kissing can bring a cooling effect that will surely make him yearn for more. Heat can also be brought on with a hot drink or a lubricant. The Wet Warming Lubriciant will easily bring the right amount of heat you need to get the party started.

Don’t Be Shy

This may seem like a no brainer, but it was once a serious issue with me. I’m sure I’m not alone. My old understanding of foreplay to a man was blow jobs and that’s it. Maybe a peck on the neck, but I thought men only wanted blow jobs before sex. I also thought that blow jobs should be exclusive, and every partner wasn’t worthy of a blow job (especially on the first time.) And I still see the truth in that statement. However, one night I engaged in pillow talk with my sex partner, after sex. He stated that I was shy during sex, and I took offense to that. I told him just because he didn’t get a blow job doesn’t mean I’m shy. He then explained to me that men don’t only want blow jobs. I was quite enlightened to hear that men actually enjoyed soft, bodily kisses and caresses just like women (even on nipples.) After hearing that, of course we engaged in round two and I proved that I was far from shy. 

Hopefully this list will help enhance your next night (or day) of sex. Remember, foreplay should never be skipped. Follow the list and have fun!   

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