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The Best Adult Novelty Based On Your Horoscope

By Luna Waterstone | Mar 16, 2019

The best adult novelties based on your horoscope by The White Unicorn’s astrologer, Luna Waterstone. Fun gifts for every sign of the zodiac. Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) Cosmo Kama Sutra The Sex Card Deck To an Aquarius, sex is a puzzle. It’s definitely not a means to an end—or just about the orgasm. […]

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one night stand

6 Things to Consider Before a One-Night Stand

By T. Rogers | Mar 16, 2019

As a teenager, discovering the parameters of appropriate sexual behavior in my sex education classes; one-night stands were always taught to be forbidden. The mere mention of a one-night-stand always resulted into a lifetime of consequences. I think I can speak for myself and all of my classmates when I say, we were all scared […]

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Let’s Talk About Squirting

By Niki D | Mar 9, 2019

My name is Niki D and I’m a sexpert from Canada living in Bushwick, New York.  A few years ago, I noticed that in conversations with everyone from my grandma to my Uber driver, I was interested in learning about how their sex life was going, always asking very detailed, sometimes inappropriate questions.  Realizing that perhaps I […]

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Chronicles of The Lubricant Cheater

By T. Rogers | Mar 8, 2019

Usually, I’m the complicated friend that has a breakdown every other Friday night. But this night I was sent a message from my friend Tiarra stating: 911 meet me at my house with a bat and black light. Tiarra never has drama so without questioning, I fled to my car and headed out to find […]

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My Best Friend Is Jealous Of My Boyfriend

By T. Rogers | Mar 2, 2019

Yes, and her name is Tasha. I know she might read this and become upset that I’m exposing her faultiness. But, this is exactly what happens when you hurt the feelings of your best friend, who happens to be a writer (shrug.) Tasha and I have discussed and settled our differences in private, but our […]

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April Horoscopes

March Horoscopes

By Luna Waterstone | Mar 2, 2019

The holiday season is officially over and now it is time to look forward to warmer and greener days of March. Here is your 2019 March horoscopes provided by our resident astrologer and over all advice giver, Luna Waterstone. Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) There’s going to be some major changes for you this […]

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What’s In Your Box? Staff Pick’s For Their Favorite Adult Toys

By Amy | Feb 23, 2019

Owner of The White Unicorn, Amy, shares what is in her adult toy box. The Womanizer I have the Womanizer Deluxe in my toy box and it is my absolute favorite toy of all time. And I’ve tried a lot of toys. It is the one I always go back to. The Womanizer uses patented Pleasure Air […]

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horrible first date

How to Avoid Another Horrible First Date

By T. Rogers | Feb 22, 2019

Are you suffering from first date jitters? Unsure of what to wear and debating if this is even a good idea? You would rather spend your time catching up on Netflix shows, right? I completely understand; but I’m also here to encourage you to get up and go on that date. Don’t be scared, because […]

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The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts to Foreplay

By T. Rogers | Feb 14, 2019

No excuses; during sex foreplay should never be left out. If there’s no lickin’ there’s no stickin’, got it? Foreplay is just as important as intercourse -if not more important. Because, foreplay sets the tone for what’s to come. Foreplay should be fun and an opportunity to truly explore and appreciate your partner’s body. Recently […]

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