T. Rogers

T. Rogers is a reader by day and writer by night. With over 7 years of content writing, she continues to prevail in her world of sour patch kids, expensive shoes and awkward moments that spark her courage to tell the greatest stories never told.

nipple play

Nipple Play, Is It Worth​ It?

Are you a fan of nipple play? Or would you rather him skip it and head straight down south? Nipples are often forgotten about during sex. I’m not sure why, because just like your vagina, your nipples are an erogenous zone too. Which means the same sensations from nerves in your vagina, that send signals …

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spring boyfriend

Spring Boyfriend, Is That You?

Here’s the Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Spring/Summer Boy Toy I’ve been waiting a long time to give this * unwanted * opinion. So, whether you’d like to hear it or not- here it goes. There’s this custom or ancient trend of breaking up with your significant other during the warm weather seasons floating around. There’s no …

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