T. Rogers

T. Rogers is a reader by day and writer by night. With over 7 years of content writing, she continues to prevail in her world of sour patch kids, expensive shoes and awkward moments that spark her courage to tell the greatest stories never told.

Never Trust Small Dick Energy

I’ve never been a fan of ‘big’ things. Big items normally intimidate me. Such as big events, big macs from McDonalds, big hair, etc … I try my hardest to stay away from anything exceeding its average size. But, big dicks do no scare me at all- I LOVE THEM. Big dicks assure me that …

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How I Became a FaceTime Hoe

I was excited and proud to be single when the year 2020 began. I just knew this would be my year to accomplish career goals and reinstate my hoe phase. Yes, I was looking forward to being proud hoe in 2020. Why? Because for the past four years I’ve been faithful to one man that …

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A Fool on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and every year I’m reminded of a terrible Valentine’s Day experience I had while in undergrad. I was a sophomore in college and foolish because I put my trust in a guy for a first date on Valentine’s Day. I also made a foolish mistake that could’ve put me behind bars.  …

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