April Horoscopes

Yay Spring! Here is your 2019 April horoscopes provided by our resident astrologer and over all advice giver, Luna Waterstone.


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

Last month was either really exciting for you, or a real drag. With Mercury having been in retrograde the entire month, communication was. . . faulty, at best. And one thing you hate is not being able to understand people. Luckily, we’re out of that mess. Onto Aries season! You’re going to feel energized and ready to go—filling up your social calendar with parties, dates, new bar/coffee shop openings, etc. You’re wanting to be seen—and recognized. April 5this a Friday, giving the first weekend of April an energizing Full Moon in Aries. You’ll have a busy weekend right off the bat, and the rest of the month will follow in suit. Your social networks, both online and off, have been growing since last Fall. You’re going to be seeing the fruit of that labor (and your badass caption skills) around this time. People you’ve been following or have friended, but never actually met, are going to pop up right about now. Community events, mixers, festivals, you name it. April 10thbrings a Jupiter Retrograde, giving you a chance to think about who you want to be friends with. Knowing you, you have plenty of choices. Should you stick with what you have? Do you have room for more? Thinking about joining a whole new circle of friends? Time to start taking inventory, Aqua! You might be rolling with a whole new crew by the end of the year. 


Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

You’re not really known for your money-handling skills, Pisces. But with your birthday season behind you, it’s time to start keeping tabs on yourself—don’t you think? Party’s over! Aries season is always a wonderful, fresh start for you. It’s the beginning of the zodiac year, so it’s basically New Year’s. Your resolution this year? Get your shit together! You might be focusing on spending habits, deciding if any of your relationships are toxic or not, or just thinking about making some health changes. Either way, this is the month to do it. April 5thbrings us a New Moon in Aries to kick off the month with a bang. This first weekend in April will be full of excellent energy for starting independent projects, whatever they might be. On April 16th, you might find yourself apologizing or trying to make your point clear to someone you communicated with last month. During the Mercury Retrograde all month, a lot of people were experiencing people popping up from their past: exes, for example. So if you led somebody on, or said some things you shouldn’t have, you might find yourself having to talk your way out of a mess mid-month. “I’m sorry for what I said during retrograde!” Yeah, that usually works.And last but not least, 4/20 –the most Pisces holiday of the year. Celebrate this year with an end to Aries season, as Taurus sweeps in and brings us some peace—and good munchies. Enjoy!


Aries (March 21 – April )

Your birthday season is already in full swing—how does it feel?  Planets are lining up for you, and hopefully, so is everything else in your life. There’s a reason we tend to feel so special and have a certain “glow” about us around our birthday—and it’s not just in our heads. The Sun is shining on your sign, shining on YOU, and all is well. We kick off April with a New Moon in your sign on the 5th, bringing the perfect Aries energy into a new beginning. If you’re thinking of starting a new project, branching out and doing something independently, now is the perfect time. Mercury enters your sign on the 17th, making it a whole lot easier to communicate with people around you. When it might otherwise feel like everyone else is beating around the bush, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with their ability to say it like it is—and get to the point—around this time. We celebrate 4/20 this month as the Sun moves in Taurus—ending your reign as the birthday Queen. You might not have the Sun on your side anymore, but you’ll welcome some stable, calming energy. There’s nothing more 4/20 than that! 


Taurus (April 21-May 21)

Last month might have felt like work, work, work. Not that you minded, really, but everyone needs a break. You’re feeling a little sexier and more social as April kicks off. You know why? Your birthday season is right around the corner! I bet you haven’t even noticed. It’s very Taurus to look at what’s in front of you, take one day at a time. And that’s good. But we do have some planning to do, don’t we? April kicks off with a New Moon in Aries on the 5th, bringing bold, independent energy for starting new projects. If you’re wanting to make a move, either in your career or social sector, the first week of April is perfect. Watch out for rash decision-making toward the middle of the month, when Mercury enters Aries on April 17. Even a calm, steady Taurus can make these kinds of mistakes when Aries energy is involved. Your birthday season kicks off on 4/20, which happens to fall on a Saturday this year, btw. Woo! Enjoy a (hopefully) sunny weekend as the Sun enters your sign—it’s time to shine!


Gemini (May 22-June 21)

Have you recovered from the Mercury retrograde yet? Ugh, it was a killer. A lot of Geminis really felt it—and a lot of things went “wrong” last month. If you’re able to shake it off, we have some good things in store for April. Warmer weather, for one! You’re going to feel more energized than usual this month—in areas of career and health, specifically. Maybe you’ve not quite committed to some New Year’s resolutions. . . it’s not too late! April 5thbrings us a New Moon in Aries, perfectly bold energy for doing something independently. Whether it’s starting a new workout regime or taking on a new business project. This month might be more about “you” than it is about your partner, if you have one. Hey, everyone needs some “me” time, right? April 19thbrings a Full Moon in Libra, which will slow down some of this focusing on self, bringing you back to a place of balance. You might feel the need to reconnect with friends, family, or your partner, after having spent the first 2 weeks of the month doing your own thing. You’ll struggle a bit to find this balance for a few days, but you’ll find some reprieve on, who would have guessed it, 4/20, when the Sun enters Taurus. This energy brings us some stability, relaxation, and calm. With 4/20 on a Saturday this year, let’s just say—we’re really looking forward to that weekend.


Cancer (June 22-July 23)

Are you coming down from that sexy high you found last month, Cancer? You might be craving a break—but you won’t find it. Energies are still high, with Aries taking charge most of the month. You’ll feel conflicted, as your innate desire to rest, relax, and nest, are tested by energies of bold action, movement, and aggression. People around you might be more assertive than usual, but don’t worry—you will be, too. There’s a season for everything, and April is a season for you to speak up and get what you want. That way, you can really rest when it’s time. April 5thkicks off the month with a New Moon in Aries. This is the perfect time to start independent projects. Whether you want to take on more responsibility at work, or you just want to make some home improvements, now is the time. Have you started your Spring garden yet? Watch out for quick decision-making around the 17th, as Mercury enters Aries. Maybe someone is pushing too much or getting up in your personal space. Tell them to back off! Sweetly, of course, but don’t be afraid to show some teeth. The brash energies of the month start to slow down as we near 4/20 weekend—hopefully you’ve accomplished everything by then, because it’s time to chill. The Sun leaves Aries and enters Taurus, giving us some nice, peaceful, stable energy. What more could a Cancer want?


Leo (July 24-August 23)

With Aries season in full swing, you’re feeling a little more “yourself” after that soft, Pisces energy of last month. The sun is shining, your social calendar is filling up—it’s a good time to be a Leo! You’re heating up, too, and feeling sexy, confident, and ready to take on the world. April 5thkicks off the month with a New Moon in Aries, giving us the motivation to branch out and try something independently. You might be considering a new exercise class, a new job, a new lover, or just a new position in the bedroom 😉 Either way, we know you’re going to nail it! This extra fire energy comes just in time, as you might have been feeling things stagnate over the last month and a half. Don’t worry—you’ve still got it! You might have to make a big decision around the 17th—or you might make one without knowing it. Pay close attention around this time and focus on your goals. While this month is going to be busy, busy, we can all look forward to a chillaxing 4/20 weekend, as the Sun leaves Aries for Taurus. We will be feeling more grounded, stable, and sure of where we’re heading. Can’t say no to that!


Virgo (August 24-September 23)

We hope you got a lot of cleaning done last month Virgo—because this month is going to be dirty.Okay, maybe not dirty dirty, but it’s going to be busy, and you’re going to find yourself a little out of your comfort zone at times. But you know what? It’s time you took a break from your. . . break. Aries season is in full swing, which means we are all feeling like taking action. Whether it’s socially, sexually, or at the office, you’re going to be feeling a little bolder and more courageous than usual. The New Moon in Aries on the 5threally kicks it off, as we are presented with the opportunity to start a new, independent venture. If there’s anything you’re good at, Virgo, it’s independence. You might have had your eyes set on a new car, a new hair color, starting a new business, or a solo road trip somewhere—and right around now, you’re going to have the balls to go for it. So think: what have you been wanting to do for yourself? Look out for quick decision-making around the 17th, as Mercury enters Aries. You might find yourself needing to keep an eye on your Resting Bitch Face a little more so than usual. Being an Earth sign, you love your stability. You can look forward to a rest from all of the action towards the end of the month, as the Sun enters Taurus on 4/20 (holla!). You’ll feel free to kick back, reflect over the whirlwind of a month that was April, and look forward to a more peaceful month come May. 


Libra (September 24 – October 23)

After a pretty whack month in March, you’re ready to find some balance. With Mercury having been in retrograde pretty much all of last month, you’re looking forward to peaceful conversations, smooth transitions in your routine. . . and, well, pretty much things just not getting screwed up. “Peace” is your thing, Libra, and you need it to feel sane. April 5th brings a New Moon in Aries, and a great opportunity to launch new projects or relationships—problem-free. Okay, maybe not problem-free, but at least you won’t be running into the same old communication issues. You’re feeling asserting, confident, and finally, your words are being taken at face value, and not being misinterpreted. Jupiter goes into Retrograde on April 10th, giving you a chance to review your more written forms of communication. Maybe your texting style comes into question, or you’re considering a new way of captioning your photos. Either way, writing is going to be a focus around mid-month. You’re going to see many chances to review your intimate relationships this month Libra. Particularly on the 19thduring a Full Moon in your sign. Think about the energies you’re choosing to spend—and where you’re spending them. You’ll wrap up the month celebrating 4/20 weekend as the Sun enters your sister sign, Taurus, when you get a chance to take a relationship to the next level.


Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

It might not feel like New Year’s, Scorpio, but in astrology, it totally is! Welcome to Aries season, big kick-off. Energies are high, you’re ready to kick off new routines, work habits, and maybe become part of a power couple. After a dreamy, slow transit through Pisces, you’re ready to shake off some dust and get back out there. It’s not that you don’t love Pisces season—you do. You’re just as dreamy, sensual, and dark. But there’s also some fire in you, Scorpio, and you crave action and power more than Pisces do. This May, it’s time to harness some of that potential energy and put it to work. The New Moon in fiery Aries on April 5this a perfect time to kick-start something new. While you’ve been having excellent luck with money since last November, April 10thputs Jupiter in Retrograde, giving you a chance to start re-thinking your finances. What should you be saving, spending, and how? This can go for energy, too. Think about who you’re giving energy to, and if it’s even worth it anymore.  Mercury enters Aries on April 17th, making you feel more sharp, ready, and energetic. You’ll find time to slow down around the end of the month, as Libra’s Full Moon on the 19thcalls for balance, and 4/20 weekend “lights up” your partnership sector. You might find a special someone to celebrate with this year 😉


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

You’re ready for some fun, Sag! Springtime is your shit. Dive bars, day-drinking, lake days, you name it. You are in your zone—and it’s only getting better. April 5th’s New Moon in Aries brings some powerful, energetic spirit into the first weekend of the month—perfect for a party. But, be careful with all this energy, Sag. April 10th’s Jupiter Retrograde in your sign serves as a reminder that too much enthusiasm can be. . . a bad thing. You’re no rookie, so you’re already experienced some nasty hangovers by now. But, be careful! Keep this in mind when interacting with potential partners, too. Try to save some mystery, and not come on too strong—you know the drill. With Mercury entering Aries on the 17th, quick and rash decision-making can be a problem. So you’ll really need to double down and watch yourself. Maybe try that glass-of-water-between-every-drink advice that no one ever actually does. It might save you from having to do damage control this month. With 4/20 falling on a Saturday this year, you’re going to be planning and prepping as much as a Sag can. Get ready for a chill weekend, as Aries season comes to a close and Taurus season begins—bringing us peace, stability, and the ultimate chillaxing energy.


Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

It’s Aries season, Cap. And while many other signs may be planning raging parties, starting their own side hustles, etc., you’re focusing more on home. Not that you’re settling in—not at all. You’re in for a total overhaul. Whether it’s your actual home home, or your closet relationships, something is in need of a change. You spent Pisces season thinking about it, noticing details, collecting information about the big picture. Now, you’re ready to take action. Friday, April 5thbrings a New Moon in Aries. You’re feeling optimistic and motivated about taking a stand and putting your foot down, when it comes to getting what you know you deserve. Go get ‘em! You’ll be moving and grooving until the 10th, when Jupiter goes into Retrograde. You’re going to have a moment for reflection. Maybe someone didn’t like the way you were pushing them—you know you can be pushy. Take this as an opportunity to listen and re-direct your efforts. After all, it’s better to get people to cooperate with you, than it is to force them. After a long month of action and bold effort, Taurus season on 4/20 brings some much-needed comfort into your life. You’ll be wanting to relax (yes, even from work stuff!) enjoy a nice meal (or two) with someone you love. Enjoy!

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