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making the first move

5 Things I Learned from Making the First Move

By T. Rogers | Sep 20, 2019

5 Things I Learned from Making the First Move At my previous job, the building had a doorman named Charlie. Charlie was an elderly, and pleasant man that found so much joy in his job. He loved to greet workers and visitors every morning. He also loved to spark a conversation. This building had high foot […]

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break up sex

Sometimes Break- up Sex Is a Good Thing

By T. Rogers | Aug 2, 2019

Breaking-up from your significant other is never fun. No matter if the relationship lasted for years, months or days they usually end in unwanted emotions and quarrels that put you in a funk. Well, sometimes the break-up is mutual, and in that case, what’s so wrong with break-up sex? Your body probably needs the orgasm. […]

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6 Ways A Threesome Could Ruin Your Relationship

By T. Rogers | Jul 23, 2019

Your boyfriend has mentioned having a threesome quite often lately. You’re not against having one-you’re actually curious about how it may feel– and threesomes always look like fun in pornos. So, despite the judgment you may receive from your friends (it’s your relationship and none of their business anyway); you finally said “yes.” Now what? […]

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I Can Teach You How to Have a Simultaneous Orgasm

By T. Rogers | Jul 17, 2019

Well, here’s another topic I can add to my, “they don’t teach you this in school” list. Sex education failed me again. Just kidding!If my teacher would’ve pulled out a 10 Tips to Orgasm Simultaneously Handout, I’m sure she’d be fired and headliner in the local newspaper. We learned about ejaculation in school. However, I relied on […]

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Will You Date Someone with a High Number of Sexual Partners?

By T. Rogers | Jul 14, 2019

I’m currently the only one out of my girl gang with a taken status. So, by default, I now have the job of sorting through my boyfriend’s eligible friends for possible double dates. I enjoy matchmaking, so I don’t mind it at all. But this past weekend my “job” caused a ruckus. I was in […]

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date night robbery

This Date Night Turned into a Robbery

By T. Rogers | Jun 21, 2019

Dating starts out easy. Remember being a teenager and asked out to your first movie date. Those dates were innocent. They involved only popcorn, soda, a few giggles and maybe a kiss. He just wanted to enjoy your company, brag to his friends and maybe cop a feel of your boob (still, the date was […]

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hair pulling

I Always Want My Hair Pulled During Sex

By T. Rogers | Jun 15, 2019

I truly believe that women run the world. We are the most magical beings walking the earth. Without us, men would be … well, extinct because we create them. My last Instagram post was a quote stating, “having a boyfriend is like having a stupid son.” Accurate, right? However, don’t take this introductory wrong. I […]

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Are You Devastated Because He Didn’t Finish?

By T. Rogers | Jun 7, 2019

Stop overthinking last night’s failed efforts to take your man to his peak. Delayed and failed ejaculations are surprisingly normal. I know, we all think of our vaginas as a magical realm that has the ability to get us whatever we want. I’m sorry to break this news to you. But, in reality, our vaginas […]

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nipple play

Nipple Play, Is It Worth​ It?

By T. Rogers | Jun 2, 2019

Are you a fan of nipple play? Or would you rather him skip it and head straight down south? Nipples are often forgotten about during sex. I’m not sure why, because just like your vagina, your nipples are an erogenous zone too. Which means the same sensations from nerves in your vagina, that send signals […]

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